ANSYS Quick Start Test Page

In preparation for participating in an ANSYS Quick Start session, please test your system to confirm that you are able to:

  1. View the video recordings
  2. Connect to our SimuCloud test computer
If either test fails, please contact your local IT department for assistance as some companies block these types of connections.

Video Test:

Click on the video below to ensure that you are able to play the video. 

Note that there are controls along the bottom that allow you adjust the volume, video quality, and switch to full screen mode.


SimuCloud Test:

To test that you are able to connect to our SimuCloud computer:


  1. Download the RDP shortcut:
  2. Run the shortcut: TrainingTestMachine.rdp
  3. Enter the User Name: TrainingUser and Password: training_2016

If everything goes as planned, you should be connected to a Windows-based computer.

Next, disconnect from SimuCloud computer (Start > Log off > Disconnect).