Aerodynamics Design

In years past, to analyze the complex physics of airflow, engineers needed test flights, test drives, and wind tunnels. Today, for much less cost than physical testing, engineers can accurately and thoroughly simulate aerodynamic drag evaluations. Simulation also provides more details about vehicle parts (such as a car windshield or the wingtip of an airplane) and physical processes so that engineers can gain insights more cost-effectively and easily than from wind tunnel testing.

ANSYS leads the industry in aerodynamics modeling, providing more turbulence models than other commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver. Engineers can predict aerodynamic forces with unparalleled accuracy using ANSYS CFD models.

In aerodynamics projects, factors beyond turbulence sometimes must also be considered, such as wing flutter and thermal management. Coupling and co-simulation with structural, thermal, and other solvers are needed. A leader in multiphysics, ANSYS provides the most easily adapted and robust solutions for physics like coupled aerodynamics simulation.

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