Advanced Electrification

The demand for power efficiency and renewable energy around the globe will be answered by optimized existing designs and new electrification products, so engineers must employ today’s simulation tools and design methods. Small improvements in actuator, electric motor, and solenoid efficiency often have large economic and environmental impacts. These improvements involve many product development challenges involving digital, analog, and mixed-signal electronics along with hydraulics, mechanics, electromechanics, and other physics. The whole system must be controlled by embedded software.

ANSYS offers comprehensive design solutions that provide you with competitive advantages for advanced electrification projects, allowing for complex multiphysics simulations of electromechanical components with electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical coupling. Engineers can use high-speed computing algorithms to improve motor simulation speed fifty-fold, and embedded software control and electronics simulation provides component finite element models. With ANSYS, you control devices via embedded software.

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ANSYS Energy Systems Simulation for Sustainable Design