Easy Design Engineering Simulation: Try It Now! It's Free


You can try ANSYS AIM, the world’s easiest multiphysics simulation environment designed for all engineers right now - nothing to download, no forms, no waiting!

What is ANSYS AIM?  It offers integrated multiphysics solutions based on best-in-class solver technologies in a modern, new, immersive user environment that enables engineers to rapidly evaluate product design performance with confidence.

Make the most of your free demo! Scroll down to the simple step-by-step instructions.

You will be able to use this full version of AIM for up to 2 hours in a single session.

If you are unable to view the Try It Now session or would rather have a trial license of ANSYS AIM that you can use on your own computer, request a trial license today!

Feel free to contact SimuTech Group at (844) 825-5971 or by email.

View these overview videos. Then open and follow the simple step-by-step instructions in the product walk throughs below.

ANSYS AIM Quick Tour

ANSYS AIM Workflow Overview

Product Walk Throughs
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