ANSYS Quick Start Training - Maxwell

SimuTech offers a Cloud-based training program -  ANSYS Quick Start - that is designed to introduce engineers to working with ANSYS simulation software to solve engineering problems.

Each session for Maxwell training consists of:

  • Approximately 1.5 hours of lecture plus 1.5 hours for workshops ... 3 hours in total
  • Self-paced series of video recordings that cover the lectures and hands-on workshops portions
  • Access to SimuCloud®, our cloud-based computers with ANSYS Maxwell pre-loaded for the workshop portion
  • Technical support provided by SimuTech engineers, if needed.

Before registering, we suggest that you test the required connections to ensure that you will be able to participate.

Additional information, including the topics covered, is provided below.

*** Please note that due to export controls, these sessions are limited to North America only. ***


Registration has closed for the February 12 session.

The goal of the program:

  • Provide a "quick start" to engineers with little or no Maxwell experience.
  • Provide a refresher or introduction to ANSYS simulation software - great for engineering management who aren’t necessarily users, but manage those who use Maxwell.
  • Introduce Maxwell technology in a “hands-on” style where you temporarily get your own ANSYS server for learning.
  • Educate engineers with experience in other low frequency electromagnetic tools (e.g. CST Microwave Studio) on the use of ANSYS Maxwell.
  • Eliminate the training and travel costs for this “half-day” intro class.
  • Help decide what sort of additional training is needed to meet your needs (e.g. simulating virtual system prototypes including controller circuits and mechanical components, selecting a right solver for electromagnetics problems, tuning and optimization, post-processing, existing design tools and libraries in Maxwell, corporate training using built-in modules in ANSYS RMxprt).
  • Introduce our clients and prospects to SimuCloud for on-demand HPC servers for Maxwell.

A quick overview of the program:

  • No costs for attending sessions ... yes, free (a $250 value).
  • This is 3 hours worth of training.
  • Workshop problems are provided to reinforce concepts covered in the lecture.
  • Sessions are provided over the Internet - no need to travel.
  • Regularly scheduled sessions.
  • You will get a unique, licensed server on Amazon’s cloud with full graphical interface.  It looks just like your own desktop (except cleaner!).
  • The servers are Windows, so there is no learning curve for the file system (like with most LINUX systems).
  • Amazon is the most secure public cloud data center in the market.  Be assured that we use 256-bit encryption for data.
  • No proprietary data will be used.  All data that you will be accessing is generic training material.


  • Engineering or related technical degree.
  • Internet connectivity using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - check with your local IT staff.
  • Many companies have restricted the use of RDC ports.  You must verify that you have RDC access before you can attend these training sessions.  A test cloud server will be provided before the classes.

Maxwell Training Topics:

1. Introduction
2. Geometry and Operations
3.  Solvers
Static Magnetic
Static Electric
4. Mesh Operations
5. Post processing
6. Workshops