The age of autonomous systems has arrived.....

Introduction to Vehicle Safety, Simulation Tools for Autonomous Transportation and human-machine interface (HMI)

Reducing the number of people killed in road accidents is an important and challenging task. Beside other aspects improving the vehicle safety helps to achieve this goal. A lot of effort is being made by car manufacturers all over the world to improve the so-called safety performance of newly developed vehicles.

This workshop will give a short introduction to vehicle safety and relevant restraint systems with a focus on the deployment of the restraint systems (“airbag sensing”) used to improve the protection of people (e.g. vehicle occupants) involved in a vehicle accident. Also, special focus will be on broad capabilities for simulating autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems — everything from high-fidelity, physics-based sensor modeling to ISO26262 and AUTOSAR compliant embedded software and human-machine interface development tools.

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The following topics will be covered:
  • Introduction to Vehicle Safety
  • Engineering Simulation for Safety
    • Driving scenarios
    • Virtual road test autonomous vehicles
  • Restraint Systems and Airbag Sensing
    • Restraint Systems
    • Introduction to Airbag Sensing
    • Airbag Sensing (Calibration) Development
    • The future of Airbag Sensing
    • Lessons Learned (for real live)
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Crash Simulation Research
  • Future Trends
    • The race to develop autonomous vehicles (AV)
    • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
    • Autonomous driving technology — involving radar, lidar, V2X communication, sensor fusion and deep learning
  • Safe automated driving

Introduction to Vehicle Safety and Simulation Tools for Autonomous Transportation and human-machine interface (HMI)

Cost: Free

Date and Time:
Monday, February 26th, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM: UB2080
12:30 - 3:00 PM: SIRC 2020A

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
2000 Simcoe St N
Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4



Dr. Ahmad Barari, PEng
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical
Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Dr. Barari has been involved in research and conducting projects in engineering design and manufacturing for the past 20 years with the focus on finite element analysis, topology optimization, digital manufacturing, and computer aided engineering.



Dr. Stefan Dominico
Engineering mechanics and simulations
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Dominico has extensive working experience in German auto-industries including vehicle safety development for Adam Opel AG, and simulation at an engineering supplier (IHF - Ingenieurbüro Huß & Feickert), and several years research experience on nonlinear finite element simulations at the Universität Kassel.

Dr. Moustafa El-Gindy, PEng
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical
Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Dr. El-Gindy is a leading researcher on vehicle safety and crash worthiness analysis. His research interests includes  articulated heavy vehicles,  bus testing and simulation, crash testing and simulations,  high-velocity impact and ballistics simulation, self-steering axles simulation, Tire mechanics,  and virtual human modelling.

Mr. Walter Hearn
Area Director

Mr. Hearn has been in leadership roles with ANSYS for more than 10 years. Currently he is directing multiple direct and indirect teams across the Central U.S. and Canada. His successful strategies in supervising partnerships with companies will bring significant added value and we will learn many practical success stories from him during this seminar.


Mr. Mohsen Tayefeh, M. Eng.
Regional Sales Manager
SimuTech Group

Mr. Tayefeh has been consultant to various industries in implementation of advanced technologies through partnership strategies for many years. He is an expert in computer aided engineering, finite element analysis and simulation. He also has extensive experience to design and manufacturing in automotive sector.  

Mr. Roman Duplak P.Eng., M.Eng.
Business Development Manager
SimuTech Group

As a trusted advisor Roman helps companies to implement high technologies. Prior to this he worked as a Business Segment Director for the largest Bus Manufacturer in North America (i.e. New Flyer Industries) and as a Program Manager for Boeing.  Moreover, his technical background consisted of working as a Chief Engineer in electromechanical actuation technologies, which brings lots of added value to this seminar.