Simulation at the Marina:
A Hands-On Discovery Live Workshop and Design Competition - Buffalo, NY

Discovery Live is a new interactive simulation environment from ANSYS – the leader in CAE products.  This groundbreaking tool allows engineers to evaluate design changes in near real-time. Discovery Live is capable of handling structural, thermal, and fluid models without complicated meshes or long runtimes, so engineers can get valuable feedback immediately.

Join us on March 27th for an introduction to Discovery Live and a hands-on design competition at the Templeton Landing in Buffalo, NY.

During the event you will learn how to import and modify geometry utilizing the Discovery Live interface.  Participants will then be given the same CAD model and design requirements but will be free to use their own engineering judgement to determine how they can utilize simulation to create the best design based on a given set of design parameters. Put yourself to the test and see if you walk away with a prize from our SimuTech Discovery Live Challenge!

The winners of the competition will receive a drone, Visa gift card, or SimuTech gear.  If you can bring your own laptop, please do so! We have a limited number of machines available for use by attendees and expect a great turnout for the competition.  First come, first serve.  Also, all attendees will receive a free three-month trial of ANSYS Discovery Live.

Hands-On Discovery Live Workshop & Design Competition

Wednesday, March 27th
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Templeton Landing
2 Templeton Terrace
Buffalo, NY 14202


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1:00 PM – Introduction
1:30 PM – Discovery Live Workshop / SpaceClaim Introduction
3:00 PM – Discovery Live Competition
3:45 PM – Content Results
4:00 PM – Wrap Up

Steve Scalzo
T: 585-568-1395

Ken Carleton
T: 585-568-1336