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ANSYS Antenna Solutions with HFSS

February 25, 2020 Start: 1:00 PM | End: 5:00 PM Courtyard Chicago Naperville, 1155 East Diehl Road, Naperville IL 60563 (Meeting Room A)

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This workshop is free for all to attend and open to the public. All ANSYS HFSS users, both new and experienced, will benefit from this workshop led by Steve Baker, Sr. Electrical Engineer and HFSS expert.

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Phased array antenna design will be showcased from the ground up
  • Tips and tricks in optimizing the antenna elements of this array
    • How the simulation is simplified so that it runs with optimal speed
    • HFSS optimization tools including a genetic algorithm
    • Live-tuning the antenna
  • Pitfalls of this type of antenna array will be discussed, including what often causes them to fail and which design parameters are most important and how we capture and design around these failure modes in HFSS
  • Simulation results of a large antenna ray and beam steering
  • The antenna will finally be placed in a large environment and we will show the radiation characteristics of the antenna changes via ray tracing algorithms

Additional Topics:

  • Basic HFSS operation and setup for antennas
  • Antenna solutions for 5G
  • Optimization techniques available in HFSS
  • Solving larger scale problems with combinations of FEM and integral equation (method of moments) solvers
  • Using domain decomposition method for large problems and managing compute resources
  • Tips and tricks for simplifying mesh and solve times in HFSS


Will Furlong

Business Development Manager, SimuTech Group

Steve Baker

High Frequency Consulting Engineer, SimuTech Group

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